Monday, September 16, 2013

Top 20 Frankenfoods to Avoid

Michelle Schoffro Cook

Genetically-modified (GM) foods and food ingredients have infiltrated our food supply, tainting what was once healthy. While agri-businesses continue to claim they are safe, increasing amounts of research demonstrate that GM foods are harmful to human health, damage ecosystems, cause financial calamity for many farmers, and release trans genes that could randomly transfer to other life forms in the environment with the potential for disastrous consequences. A growing body of research links genetically-modified food consumption with sterility, allergies, infant mortality, organ defects, childhood illnesses, and cancer.

Avoid these top 20 foods and food ingredients to make your body GM-free*:

—Not in the habit of eating alfalfa?  You could be unknowingly eating this food in your beef and dairy products. Used by dairy and beef farmers as feed for cows, genetically-modified alfalfa is common in both beef and milk products.

Aspartame—Not only is aspartame a well-established neurotoxin (brain and nervous system toxin), this laboratory-derived ingredient is made from aspartate, phenylalanine, and menthol, all of which are commonly sourced from genetically-modified ingredients.

Beef—Not only does most beef contain genetically-modified alfalfa, it also contains GM corn and soy, which becomes part of the meat.  If you’re eating beef, choose only organic beef that is grass-fed.

Canola Oil—Ninety percent of canola is genetically-modified to withstand the herbicide glyphosate (Round-Up).

Corn and Corn Starch—Almost all corn is genetically-modified, making this once healthy food a suspected cause of organ damage.  Like corn, the starch extract of this GM-food is found in almost all processed and packaged foods.  If you like battered and deep-fried foods of almost any kind, you’re getting lots of this ingredient and lots of genetically-modified corn. Corn starch is commonly-used to make deep-fried foods crispy.

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