Monday, September 16, 2013

MedicareBob Confirms His Medicare Shield Endorsement

 Emailed to me by Rebecca Appleton

The president of Senior Healthcare Direct publicly endorses the Medicare Shield program
Robert Bache, the president of Senior Healthcare Direct, has announced his endorsement for Medicare Shield, a free service that helps Americans to protect their Medicare number from fraudulent claims.
With millions falling victim to the growing problem of Medicare fraud – thought to be one of the fastest growing frauds in the USA – Medicare Shield makes it easy to protect Medicare Claim Numbers against fraud, waste and abuse. 

Bache, known as MedicareBob has publicly backed the Medicare Shield service. He has given his seal of approval to the scheme, which gives Medicare beneficiaries the ability to easily monitor all of the claims that are filed using their social security number or Medicare Claim Number. If a fraudulent claim appears, Medicare Shield makes it easy to report it. 

Explaining his endorsement of the Medicare Shield program, Mr. Bache said, “Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse is a real problem for our Government, tax payers and Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare fraud may not feel real until it effects you, but what people need to understand is the Medicare Fraud actually affects every single tax payer! Billions of tax payer dollars every year are lost due to Medicare Fraud. In addition to the lost money, the emotional heartache that a senior experiences when they fall victim may have a bigger impact.” 

Medicare fraud occurs when Medicare is billed for services or supplies the card holder never received. According to Medicare Shield, CMS approximated that in fiscal year 2010, Socialized medicine and government and state Medicaid agency programs made in excess of $65 billion in “poor federal payments,” specified as payments that need to not have actually been made or were made in an inaccurate quantity. Adding in poor payments made by state Medicaid programs adds another $10 billion yearly.

Medicare Shield and MedicareBob believe it is essential to reduce Medicare fraud in order to cut the cost for families, businesses, and the federal government. A reduction in fraudulent payments will also contribute to an increase in the quality of services offered to those who need care. 

There are currently five key programs in place to cut down on Medicare fraud. Medicare Shield is one of these essential measures, helping Medicare beneficiaries to quickly review claims made against their account on a monthly basis, making it much more likely to that fraud, abuse and waste is quickly detected and promptly nipped in the bud. The service provides an online app for iPhone and iPad owners, which gives instant access to all Medicare claim information. 

The other four measures in place include the Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care reform law, which has so far recovered $10 billion over the last three years. The Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) is a joint effort between the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Justice. Illustrating just how important these programs are, the Administration has also made funding available for Senior Medicare Patrols, which help to fight Medicare Fraud through the use of senior citizen volunteers. Finally the Public-Private Partnership to Prevent Health Care Fraud employs resources and expertise from federal government, state officials, several leading private health insurance organizations and other anti-fraud groups.
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