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Anti-Ageing Diet Plan To Age Slowly But Gracefully

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Dr. Maiysha Clairborne Lists Her Top Five Foods For Those Who Want To Slow Down The Ageing Process

In this modern day and age, it seems as though everyone is coping with growing older by trying to look younger. With plastic surgery, hair transplants and Botox readily available, it’s no wonder that so many are resorting to drastic measures to maintain youth and vigor, but it is possible to slow down the ageing process without such invasive or costly extremes. Wellness specialist Dr. Maiysha Clairborne suggests that that by simply changing some food habits, it can be easy to feel and look younger.

There are so many great edible tricks to help age slowly and gracefully. Berries, for example, are packed with antioxidants, and these powerful antioxidants tackle the ageing process by preventing a buildup of toxins in the body. Blueberries are an example of a particularly effective berry, but any type will be beneficial. What’s more is that they taste great, are extremely healthy and very versatile. Mixed berry smoothie to kick start the day, anyone?

Whole grains are also amazing when it comes to anti-ageing, providing the body with tons of iron and B vitamins that it so drastically needs. Full of fiber, whole grains can lower the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, and can also help keep blood vessels healthy. Whole grains include brown rice, oatmeal and even brown pasta, meaning that it doesn’t have to live up to its ‘rabbit food’ stereotype. Aim for three servings a day, and these foods can help the body feel fresher and look younger.

Experts at Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center, a Georgia-based clinic specializing in alternative wellbeing treatments, also suggest that nuts can be a great source of healthy youth, from almonds and pistachios to walnuts and pecans – you name it. Dr. Clairborne explains that unlike most foods, the fats found in nuts are among the healthiest and most beneficial to bodies.  Dr. Clairborne says, “There’s definitely a lot of unfair stigma surrounding nuts. This comes from people who believe that the fatty acids are unhealthy, but it’s just not true. In fact, the fats found in nuts are some of the best, and are essential for those wanting maintain that youthful glow.”
Similarly, green vegetables are crammed with goodness. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and bok choy are particularly good at battling the nasty toxins that can lead to cancer and memory loss, as well as speed up the ageing process. Additionally, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, collard and mustard greens are also great, and with all their fiber will clear the body of toxins and help skin appear perkier with fewer wrinkles.  

The last one may come as a bit of a surprise, but is nonetheless very effective. Chocolate – yes ,that’s right – is also full of antioxidants that the human body needs. The trick here is to be selective, as many cheaper types will contain too much sugar and hydrogenated fats. Instead, opt for chocolate that of 60% cocoa content or more, as the higher the percentage, the more powerful the antioxidants. The high cocoa content not only helps lower blood pressure, it also encourages blood vessels to relax to as to keep them youthful and supple.

There are so many dietary tips and habits that can help the ageing process become slower and much more graceful. General practice, such as cutting down salt intake and drinking plenty of water, will always be essential in the anti-ageing process, but particular foods like green vegetables, nuts and even dark chocolate can also have a surprisingly impressive effect in the plight to look and feel young.
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