Friday, September 13, 2013

20 Health Benefits of Rosemary

 Posted by Neill Abayon

The vast majority of us understand that rosemary is really an herb that is frequently used to provide a Mediterranean scent to various foods. But are you aware of the fact that the health benefits of rosemary are far greater than what most people know? Continue reading if you’d like to learn why you should incorporate this herb in your life.
Rosemary is an herb that may be seen growing in many gardens. It’s typically recognized by its little nettle-looking leaves. It’s a bushy plant and flourishes in soil with moderate exposure to sun. In the event that you don’t have or want to have an outdoor garden, you can still grow a beautiful rosemary plant inside by making it a potted plant.

20 Reasons You Should Make Use of Rosemary

1) Cancer Prevention
Rosemary contains carnosol, which is seen in studies as a powerful anticancer compound. In recent studies it has been shown to have some great results against a wide variety of cancers.
2) Enhanced Memory
Rosemary has been considered to possess memory-improving qualities. Now, studies have found that rosemary has a diterpine known as carnosic acid, which has neuroprotective properties that scientists think might protect against Alzheimer disease. This also includes the ordinary memory loss that occurs when one ages. Remarkably, even the scent of rosemary can serve to enhance memory.
3) Mood Elevator
The exact same study that found that smelling rosemary improved the subjects’ quality of memory also found that their mood was substantially improved compared to the control group.
4) Migraine Aid
Rosemary is a popular natural migraine treatment, and has been used as such for centuries. One way to make use of this for migraines is to boil water with rosemary and to breath in the steam. Typically, you’ll want to boil the water first, then place it into a large bowl and breath it in with a towel over your head and the bowl.
5) Helps with Pain
It not only helps alleviate the pain of migraines, but it has also been seen to work as an all-natural remedy for sore muscles, arthritis, and other joint and muscle pains. Typically you’ll use essential oil of rosemary for a lot of these, and you’ll use it topically.

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