Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vitamins and Supplements

By Neill Abayon

The suggested vitamins and food supplements are listed in order of importance, beginning with the most important for each condition although in many cases this may be consider superfluous as several vitamins or supplements can be of equal importance.

In most cases, the usual therapeutic dosage is given for each supplement. It should be kept in mind, however, that his is only a usual dosage, based on records of what most nutritionally-oriented doctors or nutritionist prescribed to their patients. Practitioners should never forget that there is a great difference in every patients response to vitamins and other nutrients, depending on his condition, age, nutritional stature, his specific personal needs, his ability to assimilate nutrients, the mineral content of the water he drinks, the degree of toxicity in his environment, his emotional health, etc. The doctor, upon careful examination and nutritional and metabolic evaluation of the patient condition, must determine the exact dosage and the duration of vitamin therapy.

Specific Vitamins

Please keep in mind that although only a few vitamins and food supplements are named as specific for any one condition, virtually in every condition of ill health the optimum diet should be supplemented with all the known vitamins and minerals, but particularly with the adequate amounts of vitamin C, A, B-complex and E. Also, kelp, brewer’s yeast, lecithin, mineral supplement, as well as a moderate amount of raw fruits and vegetable juices, should be a part of virtually every nutritional therapeutic program.
Natural Vitamins and Supplements Preferable

If possible, only the natural vitamins (vitamin complexes), made from the natural sources, should be used, and not synthetic products. This is especially important in regard to various isolated B-vitamins.
Exceptions: when massive doses of some vitamins are required, particularly of vitamin C and B, synthetic vitamins can be used, but always in combination with a certain amount of natural vitamins or vitamin rich supplements. Example: synthetic v B-vitamins combined with brewer’s yeast; ascorbic acid with rose hips or fruit juices.

The Length of Vitamin Therapy

For some conditions, vitamins in massive doses are suggested. Such treatment should not exceed 1 or 2 months. If needed, the vitamin treatment may be repeated after 1 or 2 month interval. This warning is given only in regard to massive doses of vitamins A, D, and synthetic isolated vitamins of B-complex.

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