Monday, August 12, 2013

Vitamin Guide - Vitamin B1(Thiamine)

By Neill Abayon

Known as anti-beriberi, anti-neuritic and anti-aging vitamin. Essential for effective protein metabolism. Promotes growth, protects heart muscle, stimulates brain action. Indispensable for the health of the entire nervous system. Aids in digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates. Improves peristaltis and helps prevent constipation. Helps maintain normal red blood count. Protects against the damaging effect of lead poisoning. Prevents edema, or fluid retention, in connection of heart condition. Improves circulation. Prevents fatigue and increases stamina. Helps prevents premature aging.

Deficiency Symptoms
Deficiency may lead to:
1.       Loss of appetite, Muscular weakness, slow heart beat, and irritability;
2.       Defective hydrochloric acid production in the stomach with accompanied digestive disorder;
3.       Chronic constipation;
4.       Loss of weight;
5.       Diabetes;
6.       Mental depression and nervous exhaustion.
Prolonged gross deficiency can cause beri-beri, neuritis and edema. Deficiency can be induced by excess of alcohol and dietary sugar and the excess of processed and refined foods.

Natural Sources of Thiamine
1.       Brewer’s yeast
2.       Wheat germs and wheat bran
3.       Rice polishing
4.       Most whole-grain cereals (oats and rice)
5.       All seeds and nuts
6.       Beans, especially soy-beans
7.       Milk products
8.       Vegetables like potatoes and green leafy vegetables

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