Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vitamin Guide - Vitamin A

By Neill Abayon

Vitamin A is usually measured in USP units, or International Units (IU), which for vitamin A are identical. Vitamin A is known as Anti-Ophthalmic.

Builds resistance to all kinds of infections. It is a “membrane  conditioner” – it keeps mucous lining and membranes of the body in healthy condition. Plays vital role in nourishing skin and hair. Essential during pregnancy and location. Helps to maintain testicular tissue in a healthy state. Promotes growth and vitality. Prevents eye diseases, counteracts night blindness and weak eyesight by helping in formation of visual purple in the eye. Aids in secretion of gastric juices and in the digestion of proteins. By improving the stability of tissue in cell walls it helps to prevent premature aging and senility; increase life expectancy and extends youthfulness. Increase the permeability of blood capillaries contributing to better tissue oxygenation. Protects against the damaging effect of polluted air.

Deficiency Symptoms

Prolonged deficiency may result in any health issues listed below.
1.       Eye inflammations, poor vision, nightblindness.
2.        Increased susceptibility to infections, especially in the respiratory tract.
3.       Frequent colds.
4.       Retarded growth in children.
5.       Lack of appetite and vigor.
6.       Defective teeth and gums
7.       Rough, scaly and dry skin, and such skin disorders as acne, pimples, boils, premature wrinkles and psoriasis.
8.       Dry dull hair, dandruff and excessive hair loss
9.       Nails which peel or are ridged.
10.   Poor of taste and smell.

Best natural sources for Vitamin A

The best natural source is fish liver oils. Fruits and vegetables particularly, carrots, green leafy vegetables (spinach, turnips and kale), squash, tomatoes, yams and melons. Also good sources are eggs (fertile eggs), butter and milk.

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