Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Basic Principle of the Optimum Nutrition – Eat only natural foods

By Neill Abayon

Your food should be whole, unprocessed and unrefined, and be organically grown in a fertile soil. They should be preferably grown in your own environment, and eaten in their season

That your health and longevity are in a direct relationship to the naturalness of the foods you eat is a well-established scientific fact. Where natives eat a diet of natural, whole, unprocessed and unrefined foods, they enjoy perfect health, absence of disease and long life. When denatured, refined, processed, man-made foods, such as white sugar and white flour, and canned and processed foods enter into their lives, disease becomes rampant among them.

Natural foods are foods that are grown in fertile soil without chemical fertilizers and sprays and are consumed in their natural state, with all the nutrients nature put in them intact. Nothing removed and nothing added. White bread is, for example, a denatured food, from which most vital nutrients have been removed; so-called “enrichment” is a hoax – only 4 nutrients are returned, while over 20 vital nutrients are removed in refining the flour. Breakfast cereals are all denatured foods with some “added features” – toxic preservatives and health-destroying white sugar. Supermarket quality eggs are not natural food; they are produced by cooped-up chickens, without rooster, which are fed chemically commercial mash. Such eggs have a lower nutritional value, less vitamins and more cholesterol than natural eggs.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals, as has been shown in many tests. They also contain more enzymes than the produce grown on depleted, chemically fertilized soils. Such foods have greater a health-building and disease-preventive potential. Researches reported recently that “Anti-malignancy factors are apparently present in organically grown foods”.

These are only few examples to show that only natural foods can produce optimum health and prevent disease. Synthetic, denatured and devitalized foods will not sustain health, but will inevitably bring about a gradual degeneration of normal body functions and, ultimately, disease.

It is of specific importance to see that all foods are natural when planning a therapeutic diet for treatment of disease. Only natural, whole, unprocessed and organically grown foods possess therapeutic value.

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