Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to Curb Your Hunger

By Neill Abayon

The most common problem to most people is that they eat beyond the daily recommended needs of the body resulting to stored fats and obesity. The wrong choice of food is also a factor on being too easily to get hungry. Some factors are psychological and luck of physical activity which results to boredom and lead them to eat just to make the hours passed.

There are simple yet effective ways on how to curb your hunger. Most of these techniques are applicable on your diet and to your daily food routines

Taking a fulfilling meal is one way to curb your hunger, like eating lots of legumes and vegetables including grains. Lean protein from soybeans and eggs helps you feel full. Trying to eat warm foods as possible as you can, will also help, because warm foods are more satiating compare to cold salads and soups.

Curb your hunger by choosing snacks like healthy nuts and be sure that you only eat three meals a day. Most people have different meal patterns and some of them had a tendency to overeat.

Foods high in water content and fiber are called "high-volume" foods. This will add bulk in your meals and makes you feel full for a longer period of time. People who ate high volume meal but low calories, seems to eat less at every meal during the day. Foods that contain water, air and fiber have fewer calories compare to other foods, this will stretch the stomach and empties it slowly. Eating large amount of vegetable salad will make you feel satisfied.

If you feel hungry and instead of eating solid foods try to fill your stomach with healthy drinks like a tea. Hunger strikes when you are dehydrated, so try drinking first before eating. Making yourself motivated and kept asking yourself if you really need the food or not, is advisable to change the way you look at those foods and lessens your cravings.

If you are very hungry then try to eat something. Knowing when to eat and when todrink is a big factor that can help curb your hunger.

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