Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big breakfast healthier than a big dinner

Posted by Neill Abayon

Researchers have found that eating a big breakfast of 700 calories promotes weight loss and reduces risks for diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

The study, recently published in Obesitycomes from Tel Aviv University, where Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz and colleagues studied the impact of different caloric intake at varying times of day. What they found is that the time of day we eat has a significant impact on how our bodies process food.
To study how this timing affects our bodies, the team put 93 obese women into two different groups:
  • "Big breakfast group" - consumed 700 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch and 200 at dinner
  • "Big dinner group" - consumed 200 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch and 700 at dinner.

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