Sunday, July 28, 2013

The New Biological Concept of Health and Disease

By Neill Abayon

 The rapid development of the chemical and physical sciences in the last two centuries has had a most negative influence upon medical thinking, and slowed down the progress of healing arts. In spite of all the bravura and ballyhoo about our great medical progress, when, in the enlightened future, the true medical history will be written, the twentieth century will be known as the dark ages of the healing art. Unbelievable as it may seem, the twentieth century concept of disease is not much different from primitive voodoo concept. The only difference is that the “evil spirits” have been replaced with “evil germs”, bacteria or virus, which attacks the unfortunate and undeserving man. We believe that disease “strikes” the unsuspecting and totally innocent bodies. We talk about disease as being “caught”. We speak of evil creatures – the germs - as “going around”, attacking every man in their way. The job of the modern medicine-man is to kill or drive out evil intruders, the germ or virus, with the magic medical power from his medicine bottle or injection needle, and, save the innocent victim from the vicious attack.

 The new Biological Medicine takes an exception from such a Pasteurian concept of disease and the symptomatic drug-therapy approach to the treatment of disease. The biological concept of medicine is based on the irrefutable physiological fact that the primary cause of disease is not bacteria or virus, but the weakened resistance brought about by man’s health-destroying living habits and physical and emotional stresses. The bacteria enter the picture only in its final stage, as THE UNDERTAKER of the natural order, to complete and fulfill the natural law of “returning to dust” again the organism that was made unfit to live. 

Bacteria are always present in our environment, as well as in a latent stat in every cell of all living organisms. They are completely harmless if the organism maintains its natural health and natural resistance – but ever-ready to step in and destroy the host organism as soon as its life-force, vitality and resistance are lowered.

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