Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Effective Way To Lose Weight

By Neill Abayon

All experts agree that , with the rare exceptions of thyroid insufficiency and defective metabolism, the number one cause of obesity is overeating. But what causes overeating?

The basic cause of overeating (and consequent obesity) is a disordered appestat mechanism, which means some abnormality on the person appetite. Nutritional deficiencies caused by denatured foods disrupts the work of the appestat. Plenty of physical activity or the need for exercise is required to keep the appestat working well. Also, appestat function can be disrupted by negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, hostility, insecurity, etc. Thus obese persons should make every effort to avoid such feelings and foster a positive outlook on life.

Weight management is complicated and no one would ever thought it is. People are more conscious about their body on how to maintain their figure but the fact is they aren't. The process of reducing weight is not easy. The foods are there and its getting harder to resist and it really needs to discipline oneself in order to maintain their body figure.

There are many effective and proven techniques on how to reduce weight but people get tired after spending just a few weeks to their program and instead of loosing weight they end up gaining more pounds. Understanding the exercise you need for your body is very important.

The secret is easy. First, make an outline for your program so that you will be determine to achieve your program as the days or weeks go by depending on how long you want your program to be followed. Then you have to set up your goal every day or every week, this is important because your achievement every day and every week can give you momentum for your overall success of your program. Lastly, be consistent. Be sure that what you have started will eventually lead to your victory.

Proper nutrition plays an important role in your weight loss program. You will trim down your waist a little bit faster if you combine your diet or your healthy menu plans to your exercise. Cutting carbohydrates on your menu makes it perfect and consume more fiber rich foods, avoid excessive meat intake for your protein. You can substitute a plant protein source for it like soya and tofu. Try to make some fasting or cleansing if you can before starting your program, this is also important for your diet. The cleansing stage makes your body free from dead cells and it will rejuvenate and make your cells healthy. It will also prepare your body for the nutritious food on your menu that you are going to deal with, it will make proper absorption of the nutrients that your body needs especially if you are on your rigid exercise program.

Low calorie diet of nutritious foods with emphasis on 5 or 6 small meals, instead of two big meals a days can also help on achieving great results for your program. Plenty of fresh raw fruits and fresh juices might also help. It is also important to note that when it comes to proper nutrition for diet, you have to avoid too much intake of sugars and white flours, and everything made with them. Low salt on your foods are highly recommended. Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol. Avoid all refined and denatured foods. It is much better if you take 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in glass of water every meal but be sure not to drink water especially cold or any other beverages while you were having your meal, this cold beverages can solidify the foods and fats on your stomach and some beneficial enzymes that helps aide for your proper digestion are washed out thus it will result to some abnormalities on your metabolism and in some cases indigestion.

Now, if you really want to focus seriously on your diet while you are having your exercise you should considered just like what I said above the fasting or the cleansing. Take some short juice fast, one week to 10 days. Long juice fast, up to 40 days, or more, can also be undertaken but only under expert supervision.

I'll add some important notes. Persons with a tendency for overweight should take all their vitamins and food supplement after meals, to minimize the appetite-stimulating effect of some vitamins from a B-complex. Most so-called reducing diet pills are harmful, and although some may help to take pounds off, they do so at a cost of damaged health. Those who have tried hard but still did not see any effect on the exercise and proper diets they have, should check the condition of their liver. Liver damages is common among overweight persons and can be a major cause of obesity. A damage liver is unable to synthesize an adequate amount of energy-producing enzymes. Such a person should restore the health of his liver before reducing by a proper diet and exercise can be made possible.

Understanding the exercise which your body needs to do and combined with proper nutrition is surely a great way to a successful weight loss program.

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