Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Basic Treatment of Disease

By Neill Abayon

Since the most condition of ill health are systemic in their origin and have the same underlying cause, the basic treatment of all diseases is likewise the same.

First, all the underlying cause of disease must be eliminated – health-destroying causes that produces ill health, such as nutritional, physical and emotional stresses and abuses. After that, the patient should undergo a short cleansing juice fast to assist the body in throwing off all the accumulated toxins and wastes. Then the patient should be put on a special supportive health-restoring and vitality-building program with emphasis on optimum nutrition, specific vitamins, supplements, herbs and juices ad other supportive biological treatments such as hydrotherapy, massage,  manipulative treatments, exercise, etc., which will help the body’s own healing forces to accomplish the  restoration of health. In every case, the biological doctor must outline the therapeutic program individually; it must be adjusted to the specific individual needs and the condition of the patient.

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