Monday, July 29, 2013

The Basic Cause of Disease

By Neill Abayon

The basic premise of Biological Medicine is that most diseases have the same basic underlying causes. These are: systematic derangement and biochemical and metabolic disorder brought about by prolonged physical and mental stresses to which the patient has been subjected – such as faulty nutritional patterns, constant overeating, overindulgence in proteins and the body’s inability to properly digest them, nutritional deficiencies, sluggish metabolism and consequent retention of toxic metabolic wastes, exogenous poisons from polluted food , water, air and environment, toxic drugs, tobacco and alcohol, lack of sufficient exercise, rest and relaxation, severe emotional and physical stress, etc. These health-destroying environmental factors bring about derangement in all vital body functions with consequent biochemical imbalance in the tissues, autotoxemia, chronic under supply of oxygen to the cells, poor digestion and ineffective assimilation of nutrients…and gradually lowered resistance to disease. Thus the Biological Medicine considers not the bacteria but weakened organism or the lowered resistance as the primary cause f disease. Bactria is more often than not, the result of disease, not its cause.

Therefore, the only effective way to cure the disease is to eliminate the cause of disease. All these underlying causes of ill health, mentioned above, must be corrected and eliminated before health can be restored. When, with proper assistance and support of optimum nutrition, special dietary factors, cleansing programs, specific vitamins and supplements, juices, herbs and other harmless therapies, the underlying causes of ill health are removed, the symptoms (disease) will disappear. Not because we cured them, but because there would be no more reason for their existence. The health has been restored.

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