Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relaxation and Peace of Mind is of Prime Consideration

By Neill Abayon

There are many factors that interfere with successful application of nutritional and biological therapies, such as: toxic environment; ineffective digestive and assimilative system; emotional stresses; anxiety, worries, fear, etc. If the patient is under a severe stress of acute anxiety, his ability to absorb and utilize nutritional and medicinal factors will be seriously impaired, and the expected healing will not manifest as long as the emotional disturbance continues to act.

Therefore, the prime consideration should be given to help the patient to free himself from all emotional stresses and worries and acquire a state of total relaxation and peace of mind. This is absolutely imperative in order to make nutritional and biological therapies effective.

Also, the patient should have a thorough understanding of the basic philosophy of biological medicine and of the purpose of various nutritional and other therapies, and have a complete confidence and faith in the prescribed methods of treatment. Thus, educating the patient in regard to the basic laws of health and disease and how he can stay well and prevent disease, should be a most important work of a future biological doctor.

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