Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Woman Drinks Coke Instead Of Water For 16 Years

Coke Bottle Service Wikimedia Commons

A real-life Super Size Me, only for 16 years instead of a month. Want to take a guess what happens to your body?

Article published by  Dan Nosowitz

A 31-year-old Monaco woman was recently admitted to the hospital after suffering arrhythmia and fainting spells. Her potassium levels were found to be absurdly, dangerously low. These are bad warning signs, but the woman had no family history of heart problems. Further investigation revealed that the patient had not had a sip of water in 16 years; instead she drank only cola.
The doctors told her to stop drinking cola, and then promptly wrote a paper describing the case.
This is one of those instances, like in the movie Super Size Me, that isn't really indicative of anything besides the specific case it describes. In Super Size Me, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock consumed nothing by McDonald's for a full month, and found that his health rapidly deteriorated. And, well, yes, of course it did; probably not even McDonald's executives would suggest that anybody actually do this.

The full report here.

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