Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obesity causes over 100,000 cancers per year

Posted by Neill Abayon

(NaturalNews) As it turns out, fat tissue isn't just a dormant storage depot for calories. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, more than 100,000 cancer cases in the U.S. are linked to excess body fat - most of them are preventable.

The data shows that on top of the list of obesity-linked cancers is endometrial cancer, followed by esophageal, pancreatic and kidney cancers, among others. Increased body fat is linked to:

49% of endometrial cancers (20,700 cases/year)

35% of esophageal cancers (5,800 cases/year)

28% of pancreatic cancers (11,900 cases/year)

24% of kidney cancers (13,900 cases/year)

21% of gallbladder cancers (2,000 cases/year)

17% of breast cancers (33,000 cases/year)

9% of colorectal cancers (13,200 cases/year)

A groundbreaking - and startling - study published in ACS' Journal of Proteome Research proved that fat cells actively secrete dozens of hormones that act as chemical messengers in various parts of the body. Scientists suspect that these chemical signals may promote not only cancer, but also a wide range of other chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

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