Sunday, August 8, 2010

Colloidal Silver Tames the Dental Plaque Monster

Posted by Neill D. Abayon

Are you aware that colloidal silver is extremely effective against periodontal disease (i.e., gum disease)?

It is. In fact, there is even a patent for the use of a new type of silver-based product that apparently destroys bacterial plaque on teeth and bacterial pockets under the gum line. Here’s a quote directly from the patent [emphasis ours]:

Periodontal disease can be treated by the administration of metal ions, preferably silver ions, to the site where the microorganisms that cause this disease reside. Administration can be to periodontal pockets or adjacent to exposed tooth roots or alveolar bone during periodontal surgical procedures.

The metal ions can be administered in polymeric microparticles, deformable films or microparticles embedded within deformable films. The metal ions are particularly microbiocidal to the bacterial pathogens that are the causative agents of periodontal disease.

Read the full article here.

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The Silver Genie said...

Most recently, I cured an abscess in 2 days using Ionic Silver.