Monday, August 2, 2010

Colloidal Silver Kills Listeria

Posted by Neill Abayon

As pointed out in the news article below, the FDA has approved the spraying of a viral cocktail onto many of the foods we eat.

The FDA’s justification for this act of insanity is that many foods, such as lunch meats, poultry and more, can contain a bacteria calledListeria monocytogenes which can cause serious episodes of food poisoning for people with weakened immune systems (think AIDS patients), and to a lesser degree children with undeveloped immune systems and pregnant women.

Apparently, the viruses they will now be allowing food manufacturers to spray on the foods we eat have the ability to infect these rare food-poisoning bacteria, reproduce prolifically inside of them, and cause them to burst open, thereby releasing even more viruses onto the food which in turn go on the hunt for more of the targeted bacteria.

While this kills off the infectious Listeria pathogen on the food, it leaves people like you and me in the incredible position of having to eat viruses just to protect ourselves from this food poisoning bacteria.

There are so many serious problems with this idea, I won’t take the time to mention them here. Byron Richards, who wrote the comprehensive article below, has done an excellent job of listing the health-robbing flaws in the FDA’s latest bout with sheer idiocy.

Read the full article here.

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