Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just How Bad Are 'America's Unhealthiest Meals'?

Posted by Neill Abayon

The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently listed some of the unhealthiest dishes from popular chain restaurants. Two ABC news reporters decided to put the meals to the test.

Before they ate, researchers took blood samples from them and gauged the health of their arteries with an ultrasound. They then ate a three-course meal of deep fried macaroni and cheese, a quesadilla burger, and a mega-sized deep dish sundae -- 6,190 calories and 187 grams of saturated fat.

Both felt tired and sluggish after eating, and one got a severe headache. After two hours, a second blood sample showed significant differences. While the pre-meal blood sample was relatively clear, the post-meal sample was extremely cloudy -- you could literally see the fat.

If eaten regularly, these types of unhealthy meals can lead to heart attacks and a variety of other health problems.

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