Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three Cups of Tea a Day Slashes Your Breast Cancer Risk

Posted by Neill Abayon

Just three cups of tea a day could slash the risk of breast cancer in young women, according to new research.

The chances of developing a tumour dropped by around 37 per cent in women under 50 who drank tea at least three times daily.

But older women who consumed similar amounts did not see any benefit, the study found.

Researchers think the anti-cancer properties of tea may have a more potent effect on the types of tumours that tend to grow in younger women.

Around 40,000 women a year in Britain are diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease affects one in nine women at some point in their lives.

Risk factors range from being overweight and having a family history of the disease to smoking and going through the menopause.

Although the health benefits of tea are well known, most of the evidence centres on heart disease.

A study last year showed four cups a day could reduce the risk of a heart attack.

But other recent studies suggest tea can protect against skin cancer, ovarian cancer and even weak bones.

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