Friday, October 3, 2008

Gardasil Is Dangerous As Well As Unproven

Posted by Neill Abayon

Gardasil, A Vaccine Being Forced On Young Girls, Is Dangerous As Well As Unproven

Merck's Gardasil vaccine is supposed to prevent young women from getting cervical cancer. Now the FDA has approved a claim for two less common cancers as well.

Gardasil really prevents some (but not all) of the genital warts that may lead to cervical and other cancers. This leads to the supposition that it will also prevent cancer. Whether it will actually prevent cancer is unknown.

Partly because three painful and expensive ($375) shots are required, Merck's marketing plan has been to persuade state legislators to make the shot mandatory. Company money has flowed to governors and legislatures to make this happen.

As of July, the federal government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has received over 9,700 reports of problems since the vaccine's introduction in 2006. These include paralysis, seizures, and miscarriage. Twenty deaths have been reported although the government has not acknowledged a link yet.

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