Saturday, July 5, 2008

Does Your Skin Sag?

Posted by Neill Abayon

What really is 'anti -aging' all about ?

Most magazines would have you believe that all you have to do to keep "Father Time" from your door, is to cover yourself with cream. I don't know how many women find that this is the answer, but putting cream on your face certainly cannot do any harm.

I do believe that you are a product of your gene pool, if your mother and grandmother had good skin,then it is likely that this asset gets passed down the generations.

As an "older woman" myself I often wish that I had taken better care of my skin when I was younger.As a teenager of course, I never thought that I would change,skin was just something you had to wash or you got in trouble.

I have tried many different products in many different price ranges,creams to lotions etc and I must say I have not noticed a lot of benefits. I do think however, that mentally I feel better thinking that these treatments are working and therefore making me more confident in my appearance.

My mother always told me to rinse my face after cleansing, with hot water and then to splash it with cold water.She had beautiful skin even when she was in her eighties,so I really think ( now too late)that I should have followed her advice!

I would still recommend this as a nightly beauty routine,as the hot water opens the pores to let any dirt out and then the cold water closes them. It is also a very invigorating feeling.

I have at least one pet peeve when it comes to advertisers of anti- aging products. The women in the ads are nearly always very young, so I would like to see older women using these products, this would relate better to the subject of the advert. Maybe this is just jealousy on my part!!!

Feeling young is as good a tonic as anything out there,we can't change our image , unless we artificially do so,so we should be happy to have our health and to be able to enjoy life.

Eating right and drinking lots of water goes a long way towards the inner"anti-aging" which in turn reflects itself in our outer image.

It is too bad that in our society we are judged on our appearance and not on our experience.So many older people have so much to give to this world, but unless one is young and attractive, does anybody listen ?

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