Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are You Allergic to Your Deodorant?

Posted by Neill Abayon

People use deodorant because they want to escape from odor. They don't like to smell sweaty to others. They place the deodorant under their arms and when they perspire, there is a much more pleasant odor to behold. But, what happens to the user, if the deodorant is not good for them, what if they have an allergy to their deodorant?

Having an allergy would mean that you would probably see some visible signs such as: red rash, bumps, or inflamed bumps. If there is anything out of the ordinary occurring with the usage of your deodorant; that may also be an allergic reaction you are having.

This does not mean that you will have to stop using your deodorant altogether. It simply means you need to watch it carefully and stop using it for awhile to be sure. If you are wanting to be sure that the signs you have experienced are to your deodorant, you may have to seek the help of your allergist.

After carefully testing you, your doctor may say you just need to change brands. Yours may be too harsh to your body. If after changing brands, you still experience some problems, there are other alternatives.

You may decide to try some talc or some baby powder. Both will leave you fresh, and make you smell much nicer after a sporting event. Just place some powder or talc under your arms and it will also help eliminate the amount of perspiration that you are having.

Allergies can be a result of a number of things. It may not be your deodorant at all, but the soap you are bathing in, or washing your clothes in. When you have exercised and are sweaty, the chemicals used in the washing powder may react on your skin.

If you have to give up your deodorant, remember there are many other choices available to you. So, check out the other alternatives, and stay cool.

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