Saturday, July 5, 2008

300-year-old Ginseng sold 3M Yuan in China

Posted by Neill Abayon

The 366 grams wild ginseng was found in Changbai Mountain (Changbaishan) in July 2007. The value of a wild ginseng is often determined by its age, shape and ‘completeness’.

Ginseng is a widely use herb in Chinese and Korean medicine for centuries. The popularity of ginseng is growing worldwide in recent decades, as studies have proven its medical value.

Most of the ginsengs these days are cultivated, but wild ginseng is commonly believed to have better medical value. A good piece of wild ginseng could worth thousands of dollars, and in this case… a whopping $400,000!


coolingstar9 said...

Wow, Old Ginseng is so expensive. If I have extra money, I am going to buy some to prolong my life.
Have a nice day.
Best wishes from coolingstar9

chess addict said...

It's very expensive today especially the old ones. The older the ginseng is, the more effective it is.

Anonymous said...

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