Sunday, June 15, 2008


Written by Neill Abayon

By switching to the optional diet plus some walking, you can lose one to two pounds a week. That might not get you slim in time for summer, but it is a sensible health conscious approach to long-term weight management.

HOW FIBERS HELPS - One of the many virtues of fiber is that it acts as a safety mechanism to keep you from overeating. It helps you feel full before you can eat too many calories.
Fiberless foods lack this automatic shutoff, By the time you fell full, you've eaten enough calories for a family of five. Will power is the only thing that stands between you and obesity - and we all know how effective that is!

LOW FIBER FOODS - All animal products lack fiber. They include meat, milk, eggs, and cheese.
In addition, modern food - processing mills take the fiber out of many foods that used to have it. Sugar, white flour, oils and most packaged foods fall into this category.
Corn oils is a good example of this process. It takes 14 ears of corn to make one tablespoon of oil. Imagine trying to eat 14 ears of corn at one sitting. Impossible! Yet its easy to sit down and eat several tablespoon of oil in the form of salad and dressings and fried foods.

YOUR CHALLENGE - Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are high in fiber. Eat them in abundance. Start with this lowfat, high-fiber soup. Serve it with hearty whole-wheat bread and a salad. Eat all you want. You'll fill up long before you'll fatten up.
Eat whole fruits, with all their fiber, instead of drinking the juice.


* Thigh creams havent produced lasting results.
* There are no miracle pills. They don't slim down your pocketbook.
* Liposuction is expensive. The fat goes, but not the dimpled skin.
* Massages, wraps and such - save your money.
* With a lowfat, reduced-calorie diet you'll lose one to two pounds a week, and reshape your cellulite.

Best bet:lowfat optimal diet plus regular active exercise.

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