Monday, June 2, 2008


Posted by Neill Abayon

Research would say that those who are over weight or obese, those who are inactive, those who have poor diets, high in salt and cholesterol, are at increased risk for High Blood Pressure. Experts differ on what is High Blood Pressure. Some say anything 0ver 120/88, yet others say 140/90.

Some healthful tips:

1. Lose that weight - I realized through reading that I fall into the obese range. My first step to lose weight. Because I also was told I am pre-diabetic my diet needed to consider this as well. I have landed on the South Beach Diet to get me going.
2. Get Active - Not ready to train for a marathon yet, but I do realize I need to get moving. I have started to walk and am increasing my pace. My goal is 30 minutes 5 times a week. When I get to 200lbs I will go back to running.
3. Limit Alcohol - Everything I read says this can be an issue. A glass of wine each day is ok, but more than that your risking it.
4. Watch the salt and other BP problem foods - Diet is taking care of that one.
5. Monitor your Stress in Life - One reason I take walks is to reduce my stress and get where I can think. I also have calming music on in my office on most days.
6. Don't completely avoid medications- I would rather take pills than wind up in the hospital.

The reality is the list above is a part of Healthy Living.

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