Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Posted by Neill Abayon

You're allergic to ragweed, peanuts or your pet. So you see the doctor for regular shots. Over time, she injects larger closes of the allergen, so you become less sensitive to it, easing symptoms. What a pain! Soon you may be able to treat yourself at home, needle free.
For more than a decade, many Europeans have been skipping shots and taking allergens by mouth, where they're absorbed in the bloodstream. Its convenient and painless, so patients are more likely to seek treatment. But a panel of US doctors reviewed 100 mostly Europeans studies on the subjects, and these experts aren't recommending the oral method just yet." In some studies, very high doses had no efficacy over the long term, while others using a lower dose seemed to have benefits over a short-time", says task force co-chair Linda Cox. "Theres some work that needs to be done to understand the mechanism." Scientist at Greer Laboratories are doing that work. Once they determine optimal dosages, they hope to begin seeking approval for the technique by next year.

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