Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preventing Summer Time Infections

Most of these infections are spread from fecal-oral and respiratory routes from other infected children. Simple hand washing and avoiding sharing food or drinks with other children, especially sick children, can help greatly reduce your child's chances of getting sick too. Being extra careful at summer camp, where children are exposed to a lot of other people, can also help to reduce infections.

Mosquito and tick-borne infections can be avoided by preventing your child from getting bitten by ticks or mosquitoes. In high risk areas for Lyme disease, you should have your child wear long sleeve shirts and long pants with high socks and boots. You can also tuck your child's pant legs into his socks and use a tick repellent. Also, check your child's body for ticks at least once or twice a day, especially if you have been camping or playing in tick infested areas (grassy, brushy or wooden areas).

An insect repellent with Deet, citronella, or soybean oil can help to prevent mosquito bites. Wear light-colored clothing and avoid using any scented soaps or other products on your baby, since the fragrances can attract insects. Avoid areas with insect nests.

Food poisoning can be prevented by frequently washing your hands and cooking surfaces, not allowing foods and utensils to become cross contaminated, cooking foods to their proper temperature, and promptly refrigerating leftovers.

These simple precautions can help your child to have a safe, fun and infection free summer. That way he can save up his "sick days" for when school is back in session.

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