Friday, May 23, 2008

I Got Mail!

Last day I was surprise to check my mail and I got an interesting reader who needs advise regarding about her problem. Here is the mail:

To Healthzones:
Hi! I decided to email you to ask some appropriate advise my brother who is suffering a mental disorder because of fellings of insecurity and inferiority. Being in a family, we wanted to comfort him, but we easily get irritated. We were all affected and disturbed by his condition. Please share me some tips and techniques on how to help him ease his burden and also us on how to help deal the problem with him. Thanks alot in advance and I really like your post, and your blog, it is very informative and helpful to the readers. Actually I have subscribed to your newsletter!
Thanks alot and more power.

Lesa of Cebu City

Well,first of all I want to thank you Lesa for sharing your problem to us. Secondly, I want to thank you for subscribing my newsletter and visiting my blog.
I just want to inform everybody that I am not an expert counselor or something but I will try to share my ideas to all as long as I have time to make a reply and post from your mail. I welcome everyone from sending your mail at my email add.

Here is my opinion regarding Lesa's problem.

As a family you should create an environment that will not trigger his condition. A lot of love, understanding and an open communication are needed to make him feel secure - thus helping stabilize his emotions.
You and your family have already provided the very first element of treating or helping him - support and love. According to my research, mental disorders have two major types - manic depressive and schizophrenia - have been found to be due to imbalance in the chemical supply like serotonin and it's transmission to the brain.
There is also a generic or personality predisposition. The environment and the emotional makeup of the patient also contribute a lot in developing the disorders.
There are medical that can help modify the imbalance. There are also those that can modify his behavior if he is very anxious or depressed. With a physicians help make the necessary adjustments in the modifications until you find the right combination.
The presence of this illness in the family can really be taxing. Remember that helps not psychologically capable of adjusting stressful situations, but don't spoil him until he becomes in capable of doing anything. A regular family counseling is also advisable. See a psychiatrist or a trained psychology counselor. This illness not only affects your brother, but every other family member. Everyone has to make adjustments in the way they treat other so as to create on environment that will not tax both the patient and the whole family.

I hope this could help and make some points of understanding to Lesa. To all my valued readers and visitors, if you have some questions, comments or suggestions , feel free to write me at Thanks alot.

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