Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Written by Neill Abayon

SYMPTOMS - The body temperature goes very high (105 degrees F. or more). Sweating is reduced. There is a strong headache, accompanied by tingling, numbness, confusion of mind, and delirium. The pulse becomes rapid and breathing is faster. Blood pressure rises.

DANGER - Heat stroke is serious emergency. If not properly cared for, the person can go into comvulsions, permanent brain damage, and even death.


* You must begin the cooling treatment immediately: do not wait!

* If near hospital, wrap him in an ice-cold sheet and immediately take him to the hospital. Apply more ice water as you travel. At least every 5-10 minutes, take his temperature. Do not give the cold treatment if it begins to drop below 10 degrees F.

* If you are not near a hospital, put him into an ice-cold stream or lake until medical help can be obtained. While he is in the cold bath, rub the arms,legs,hands, and feet in order to increase the circulation.


Should consist of daily graduated cold applications (tonic frictions), to slowly build up the body. The head should be thoroughly cooled before each application.

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