Thursday, May 29, 2008


Written by Neill Abayon

Be just as careful with your diet when you dine out as when you make your own meals.

SALAD - Use vegetable oil and vinegar dressing.

BREAD - use margarine instead of butter, if desired.

CHICKEN - Eat broiled or grilled chicken; remove skin before eating.

STEAK - Ask the chef to trim off excess fat before cooking.

HAMBURGER - Avoid cheese or mayonanaise toppings; add tomato or lettuce instead.

FISH - Select broiled or poached fillets.

PASTA - Use marinara, clam, or tomato sauce without meat or sausage; avoid cream sauces.

PIZZA - Choose vegetable toppings instead of cheese or meat toppings.

BAKED POTATO - Avoid toppings such as butter or sour cream.

VEGETABLES - Eat plenty of these, but without heavy sauces.

DESSERT - Sherbert and fresh fruit are excellent choices.

COFFEE,TEA - use skim milk or non-dairy non-fat creamer.

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