Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crying and Loving it!

It turns out that big boys do cry - and when they do, they usually cry tears of joy. A new psychological study by a university of Luton researchers concludes that nine out of 10 men surveyed say little in life can reduce them to tears. But FOOTBALL - called soccer in the US - is one thing that does produce tears in even the toughest guys. Moira Maguire, a psychology researcher at the University of Luton, told an academic conference in Canterbury that the men don't just cry when their team wins - they shed tears "just getting caught up in the whole atmosphere of the game." Maguire asked men and women subjects to catalog their most recent crying experience in an Adult Crying Inventory. One in 10 men said that the last time they wept it was for joy, and nine out of 10 of those who admitted crying said it was soccer that made them so emotional. Maguire reported that just one woman in 50 said joy was the reason for their recent cry. This is a fact, even me I remember that the last time I cry was for tears of joy!

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