Thursday, May 29, 2008


Written by Neill Abayon

1. Regularity in meals. Do not eat them early or late, but maintain a regular schedule. Your stomach is used to eating a certain time each day.

2. moderation. Only eat as much as you need. Never overeat. Only eat to satisfy hunger and then stop.

3. Take a small bites. Only put a small amount in your mouth at a time. You will chew and salivate it better, and tend to eat less at that meal.

4. Relax and eat slowly. If you are too rushed to eat, then don't eat. Do not be hurried, anxious, worried, fatigue or angry.

5. Chew your food well. You will derive for more energy you eat of less food, if you do this.

6. Do not eat too many things at a meal. Three or four items are all you need.

7. Avoid complicated mixtures. Say no to the gravies, vegetables, gluten foods. Keep your meal simple.

8. Avoid peculiar additives, such as vinegar, monosodium glutanate, etc., which only upset your stomach and slow digestion.

9. Vary your diet from meal to meal. If you ate oatmeal this morning, try rye or wheat tomorrow.

10. The food should be palatable. But if it is good food, this should not be hard to do.

11. Never eat anything prepared in aluminum. Never drink water or juice out of an aluminum container.

12. Aside from fresh, raw juices or the green drink all your liquids (water) between meals, not with your meals.

13. As a rule, eat your fruits at one meal and vegetables at another. acid fruits such as citrus can be eaten with either.

14. Greens have more compacted vitamins and minerals than other type of food. They only lack vitamin D, which the body can get from sunlight. But they do not have adequate amounts of trace minerals.

15. Blackstrap molasses is the only very rich source of iron. It is also a very rich source of choline and inositol, the two B vitamins used in the largest quantities.

16. The best pattern is to eat before the meal and walk around after it, not vice versa.


Barbie said...

Very informative and helpful posts. Keep up the good work ya. Thks for sharing :) You have a good day :)

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ABC Bloglearner says...

Ooopps! i accidentally posted "nothing!"... Hmmm.. it's easy to tell but difficult to practice.. there's still a lot of folks having difficulty adjusting/controlling their food inatke... getting fatter and obese.

ABC Bloglearner